Social Listening: tool for consumer behavior and its relationship with brands

by Giovane Zacariotto

Whats is the importance for brands to analyze what consumers say, consume and how they behave on social media?

In our sixth episode of #PapiroFalado, Maria Carolina – Branding and Strategy Director, in Alexandria – invites Fernanda Silva – Brasil Social Media Consumer Insights Lead at Natura – Carla de Oliveira – Global Consumer & Market Insights Sr. Coordinator, at Natura – and João Vitor Rodrigues – Researcher, Consultant and Professor of undergraduate and graduate studies at ESPM-Rio – for a debate on how Social Listening can help, especially in the midst of the pandemic, to understand the behavior of consumers on social networks and their spontaneous relationship with brands and institutions, contributing to learn how brands can participate and interact in these dialogues, in addition of enabling the generation of insights for decision making.

Available on Spotify, play and access the conversation:

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