Get to know Papyrus®, Alexandria’s Social Listening methodology

by Giovane Zacariotto

In the field of consumer understanding, we have many approaches to assess our habits, behaviors, motivations and choices.
Although it is necessary to ask questions (we believe that!), we have tools available to help us understand more deeply, in addition to what is stated.
For this, we do not need to ask any questions directly to the consumer, just watch it!

Non-declarative research is born from the ethnographic approach, which both inspires and awakens our curious look as a researcher. We can also mention so many others: derived analyzes, implicit captures, facial coding, eye tracking, passive monitoring, etc.

Alexandria has been working with Social listening, observing the dialogues of consumers on social networks. There, we express ourselves, talk to people, institutions and brands. There, we express our values, beliefs and disbeliefs. In social networks we are personas, consumers, shoppers, employees, but above all PEOPLE.

At Alexandria, we believe that the dialogues established by PEOPLE in the SOCIAL NETWORKS are inspirational material in the mission of understanding the market.

Meet Papyrus, Alexandria’s methodology for observing consumer dialogues on social networks

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