Heineken’s empathic campaign during the pandemic

by Giovane Zacariotto

Getting together during lockdown is one of the things that people miss the most. And as technology is not always on our side, @Heineken has launched a campaign that shows all the real complications that occur during social-lockdown.

Young people getting frustrated while going through difficulties of online interaction: bad Internet connections, computers that depend on chargers, not having a place to hold a phone and many other ridiculous but real situations.

Without losing its brand essence, Heineken manages to capture what it means getting together with friends during lockdown, and really makes fun of it.

By placing itself in an empathic position, the brand seeks to make consumers understand and be aware that in spite this reality is not the best situation, staying together is the best alternative.

Heineken not only promotes alcohol responsible consumption, but also reinforces #SocialiseResponsibly.

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