Discover Ariadna®, Alexandria’s online consumer research metodology

by Ricardo Altschul

Are you ready to keep your business running under a challenging scenario?
At Alexandria we are, and we can help.

Understanding and exploring consumers’ insights is at the core of the Alexandria group, so we have developed a research methodology that suits perfectly the current online world.

Instead of interviewing people on in-person sessions, we manage #virtualgroups that promote debates about brands and bring the real living of consumers through videos, photos, memes and references.

Whatsapp is the most used platform in Brazil to communicate, that’s why we prefer it. We believe not only in having the consumer at the center of the strategy, but we also choose the tools they use.

Through Alexandria online consumer research methodology, Ariadna, brands can keep reaching their consumers and generate insights digitally. All of it implemented in a short period of time, inspiring and healthy, like the current days require!

Ask our consultants for further information. Keep your brand connected to your consumers! #branding #consumerresearch #insights #onlineresearch #methodology #consumerbehaviour

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