Burger King


Burger King is one of the largest fast food chains in the world. Nonetheless, they had yet to have something that the competitors do: an exclusive dessert. But how would they arrive to an innovative and distinguished product that would actually win over their target’s taste? This was the challenge Burger King brought to our table.


We first tried to understand what innovation means within this universe of sweets and desserts. Only then did we go to the streets: we went to observe how this target chooses, buys and consumes desserts within their actual context. We also talked to them, so as to understand those choices and to create insights.


From there, we adopted a hands-on approach. We conducted recipe co-creation sessions with the brand’s team and with experts on the subject. We also held workshops with the consumers themselves, where we tested and adjusted the relevance of the dessert concepts created.


The results came down to more than 30 illustrated prototypes and with the image of Burger King. But at Alexandria, we do not deliver just complete products or innovative ideas. We also show how to continually innovate in your area for the next ten years. Thus, the fast food chain also received a comprehensive innovation strategy thought out for the short, medium and long terms.



Delphus Oraculus, Ippikus, Idea, Atheneo, Arachneia.

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