Coca-Cola Olympics


Before the Olympic Games arrived in Rio de Janeiro, Alexandria already faced a very challenging task: to create the global communication for Coca-Cola for the Olympic Games. But sodas and sports don’t go together. How do we build a relevant platform in the Olympic universe for the global giant?


To find this out, we had to talk to those who drink Coca-Cola the most: young people. But not just those from Brazil. So, to create true insights, we visited, talked, interviewed, and followed the routine of young people from all the continents in the world. In addition to them, we also talked to athletes, coaches, and other sports experts.


We found out that, among them, they have something that is very inspiring: the Olympic spirit. The will to change, participate, and give your best. Not necessarily regarding sports, but regarding any other dimension in life. To win a medal for what you can do. With this path open, we proceeded to the creation process.


The results were worthy of a medal: the interest of young people from the entire world in a campaign that encouraged them to go out and live a more active life, not just physically, but socially as well. And this was only possible because we didn’t just stay inside a room. We went after the Coca-Cola consumers around the world, and discovered the path to gold with them.



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