Project awarded by BDA (Brazil Design Award), 2020.

The brand Sadia has a portfolio of more than 1000 SKUs, several sub-categories and high similarity with products from Perdigão – the second largest refrigerated food brand in the BRF group.

The challenge – Create a new brand architecture for the Sadia capable of:

Organize in a simple way the value proposition of the sub-brands and their products from the point of view of the consumer and the trade marketing 

Establish priorities for line extensions;

Define what is part of the sub-brand strategy and what is not;

Eliminate the risk of potential conflicts between the two brands of the group;










O The project was structured in 4 stages:

1)Interviews with stakeholders, to map future challenges, opportunities and ambitions.

2)Review of the brand’s positioning, as well as materials and internal research of the company.

3)Co-creation workshop with Sadia’s multidisciplinary team to discuss organizational criteria, key elements of product lines and set priorities.

4)And, based on the inputs from the previous phases, we arrived at a proprietary criterion called “Eating Moments” that established 6 brand platforms, with different and relevant concepts.










New criteria with the consumer at the center:

A new system, with a proprietary organization criterion, called “Eating Moments”.

“Eating Moments” is based on the consumer’s decision tree combined with combines consumption occasions and needs.

From these Eating Moments, we arrived at 6 relevant and distinct platforms for the Sadia brand: Sadia Core, Sadia Bio, Sadia Helpers, Sadia Speciale, Sadia Pocket and Sadia Happy Meals.

Each platform presents a specific value proposition, scope and portfolio of unique products, as well as a role in the business and in building equity for the Sadia brand.










Sadia’s protagonism as a result

At the beginning of the project we had a brand with hundreds of SKUs, but without a clear definition of its strategy; without an organization of its sub-brands and products.

As a result of the architectural work, the more than 1000SKUs were organized on 6 platforms, with different occasions, needs, audiences, role and portfolio.

Sadia’s new architecture established the strategic direction, directed the visual language and communication of each line. Furthermore, it guided the expansion of the brand to other segments, capturing additional revenues.































Methodologies Used




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